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Our world

Our world is a world which reiterates democracy and freedom as the highest values of a child, along with human rights and the Law; the nation and the family; communication and cooperation; self-confidence and tolerance; labour and personal success; literacy and knowledge; culture and art; spiritual beauty and physical harmony. This is a world full of craving for learning and change, focused on the future, while acquiring new knowledge, social skills and competencies which result in the development of practical intelligence, creativity, self-regulation, and the ability to communicate, all of which are sustained by high integrity and the joy of life. Our world makes us move forward because we love children! We love what we do and we aim to teach each child to discover his or her likes while searching and treading on the charming path to discovery.

Our value

Modern education takes into cognizance the equal importance of the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and social domains in the development of the personality of young people as we place emphasis on the affective side of learning – emotions, values, interests, convictions and life experiences. The learning process is based on the concept of the holistic child, as we enable not only the development of intellectual and empirical abilities and logic, we also focus on the intuitive, aesthetical, social and creative areas of the mind. The school demonstrates tolerant attitudes and team-work, effective communication and a constructive approach to problem-solving and conflict-resolution, inclusion and support. The fear of failure has been minimized and the young people stay emotionally engaged while learning.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is change. We aim to change all aspects of education and to develop a new educational paradigm which affects our perception of the entire concept of education. The child from a recipient of knowledge becomes the owner of the learning process, stays inspired, independently and with passion, to think and learn throughout his or her life, to take decisions and to take responsibility for his or her happiness and the one of others. We create a suitable ambience and methodology for the development of a young person’s potential - intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, physical, moral, social and practical. Partnerships during the process of creative thinking, the support of the independent discovery of knowledge and the formation of a personal approach to applying this knowledge delicately uncover the hidden potential of each child and ensure the opportunity of preserving his or her individuality.

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