Pre-School Education Centre Wonderland

Pre-School Education Centre Wonderland

First Group (max.8 children): Children aged 3-4 and
Second Group (max.8 children): Children aged 5-6.
Our pre-school curriculum incorporates both the British and the Bulgarian curricular areas, such as: aesthetic and creative expression, languages and literacy, kinetic skills, numeracy, social, moral and emotional development. The school has a proven record of high achievement in the teaching of languages. As soon as the children join our Pre-School Centre they are immersed in a rich, stimulating and multisensory environment. We introduce phonetics gradually through a variety of practical activities, games and worksheets. Speech development and sentence formation is fostered through simple story-writing in both Bulgarian and English. Special accented are the drama classes, which as well as being very entertaining, are a great stimulus for the development of communicative skills. Art is another key element in children’s creative development. Children are encouraged to explore colour, texture, shape and two- and three-dimensional space. They discover paint, projection, working out of models, creating mixed-media works and working with natural material.
We offer activities engaging all senses, learning how things work, creating experiments, studying and manipulating objects. Thus we develop children’s understanding of the world and lay the foundations for the study of natural sciences. We offer plentiful opportunities for the children to be active and interactive and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement with age-appropriate games. Children love the variety of sound, music and dance we offer. The combination of music and movement is a perfect vehicle for the development of motor co-ordination. Mathematical notions, such as modelling, shape, size, weight, position, distance, time and space are gradually introduced through practical tasks and games in the immediate environment. We lay the arithmetical foundations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. In the second year of the pre-school curriculum we introduce practising mental arithmetic thus simultaneously developing the concentration, fine motor movement, muscle and photographic memory, logical and analytical thinking of the children. We aim to uncover and develop the child’s potential using a range of innovative approaches and methods of teaching. A special programme for introduction to school is a part of our second-year curriculum. It allows children to experience a gradual transition to the styles of teaching and learning prevalent in primary school.

School day

The first and second pre-school groups attend from 08:30h to 12:30h for the half-day attendees and from 08:30 to 16:30 for the full-day attendees.


We offer Bulgarian, English, German, Italian or Spanish language tuition, logics and maths, mental arithmetic, experiencing the natural world, music, dance and drama, fine and plastic arts, sports and games.


Children graduate with a Certificate for Completed Pre-School Education.

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