Payment methods
1.You can pay in cash in the school office.
2.In a bank.

Application procedure
An application form is to be filled according to the current year deadlines and a fee of 30 Bulgarian Leva (BGN) is to be paid for organizing, delegating and assessing the admission tests.

Tuition fees 
The school is an independent financial unit and is financed by fees and donations. The annual tuition fee is formed for every school year and it concerns only the education according to Bulgarian and British standards. The tuition fees can be paid in two installments as per the contract terms. If the payment terms are not obeyed there is a fine of 5% of the annual school fees that needs to be paid within a couple of months or the contract will be suspended.  The annual tuition fee for 2021 /2022 school year is 3000 euro.

Deposit for education 
Once an application is approved, a deposit оf 300 euro has to be paid as a guarantee of fullfilling the deadlines outlined in the contract. The deposit is included in the annual tuition fee. The deposit and any other expenses associated with the student's stay at school such as days of attendance, lunch, transport,etc. are not to be refunded if the contract is terminated by the client for any reason whatsorever.

Aligning Educational Standards 
The necessity of extra individual tutoring, aiming to align educational standards, is ascertained by admission tests. The need of extra classes is determined before the start of the school year and continues throughout the whole year according to the student appraisal. Additional fees is 500 euro.

Transport fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis. The transport monthly fee must be paid in full even when the student is absent from school for any reason whatsorever. Two family members are required to pay one and a half transport fee.

Lunch Meal 
Lunch fees are paid in advance on a monthly basis. Missed lunches are deducted from the next month's lunch fees in cases where the student is absent from school for any reason whatsorever.

Other Expenses 
Other expenses include: security services,school uniforms, drug tests for students at the age of 14 and above, additional training materials. They also include all registration charges for Certificates and Diplomas issued by the British Educational Institutions.

To get a scholarship a student has to meet the following requirements: excellent grades and maximum score results in all Principal's tests in all subjects. The scholarship is a 5% reduction in the tuition fee.

Family members are entitled to a 5% reduction in the annual tuition fees.


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