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Our world

This is a world which values democracy and freedom, human rights, the Law and family life, personal success through labour, literacy and knowledge, culture and art, communication and co-operation, self-esteem and tolerant attitudes, Mens sana in corpore sano. A world facing the future while acquiring knowledge, social and practical skills, developing creative thinking, communicative skills and high self-esteem, welcoming changes and enjoying life.

Our value

We value the development of a balanced personality in every student: an equilibrium of the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical sides of the young person. Awareness of the importance of the affective side of education informs the teaching and learning process in our school: differences in feelings, interests, beliefs, values and experiences are respected. We encourage balanced thinking in our students, where reason and a logical and empirical approach to life co-exist with intuition, aesthetics, ethical and creative thinking and emotional intelligence. We value tolerant attitudes and team-work, effective communication and a constructive approach to problem-solving and conflict-resolution, inclusion and support. The prevailing atmosphere of emotional inclusion in our school almost eliminates the fear of failure in the students.

Our philosophy

Change for the better is our philosophy. We aim to change all aspects of education and to develop a new educational paradigm which effects the way we think of the entire concept of education. Our educational philosophy is child-centred, inspires to learn, encourages thinking and asking questions in order to take decisions. We encourage students never to stop learning throughout life and to take responsibility for their own and for other people’s happiness. We create a suitable ambience and methodology for the development of a young person’s potential - intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, physical, moral, social, practical and the ability to cope with the inevitable, which is the base of a young person’s growth. The necessary partnership in the process of creative thinking, the support while gaining knowledge and finding an individual way to implement this knowledge in different situations is provided by a new methodology. It delicately reveals every child’s talents and gives the opportunity to keep pupils’ individuality by stimulating their achievements and ensuring deep and long lasting motivation, ambition and success.

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