Private Primary School "Classic"

Private Primary School "Classic"

The school combines the Bulgarian State Educational Standard with the English National Curriculum Key Stages.
Class sizes are from 10 to 12 children. Studying of English and Bulgarian occupy 10 hours a week in the Primary and Middle school. From Year 5 we introduce a second foreign language with a choice of German, Spanish or Italian. Dedicated lessons in mental arithmetic start from Year 1. Their purpose is to develop students’ maths and logical skills. The weekly timetable takes into account the students’ times for optimal attention span and knowledge retention. Thus to facilitate progress maths, languages, natural and social sciences classes are timetabled AM, while art, design, technologies, IT, music, PE, citizenship and social education classes are timetabled PM. We have introduced morning self-study periods which follow the subject period and are supervised by the same subject teacher.
The School offers a wide range of free-choice club activities mainly in arts and sports.
Tuition is bilingual (Bulgarian – English) throughout.

School day

The school day in BISC is from 08:30h to 16:30h for the Primary and Middle School and from 08:30 to 14:30 for the High School.

Grading and Assessment

The grading system is a percentage. Assessment is done in our Progress Weeks when students go through written and oral tests, project presentation and self-assessment. At the end of each school year there is an English exam.


At the end of each school year students receive a Certificate for completed school year under the Bulgarian Department for Education certification system. After year 6 students sit an English, Maths and Science exam under the British (English) DfE National Curriculum Key Stages 1 to 4.

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