Policy on Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data in “Classic” Schools

Policy on Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data in “Classic” Schools

1. Collection of personal data

We receive your information upon your registration to this site and when you log in and/or out of your account. This information may include your name, email address, and ID number. Some e-services may require your address information too.

2. Use of your personal data

The personal data collected on this website will be used to identify you so that you may receive the service you have requested for. Your personal data may be used for the following purpose:

  • The client to receive the e-service which has been requested for

  • The client to be contacted through the registered email address

  • The provider to improve the quality of the services and the functional interface of the site

3. Accessing personal data

The personal data which you have provided on this website is gathered and used by Private Primary School and Private Secondary School “Classic” as the administrator of personal data for the provision of the e-services you have requested to receive. “Classic” schools manage personal data in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 (General Regulation related to the protection of personal data), the Law of Protection of Personal Data (ЗЗЛД) and the sub-statutory enactments of the Committee of Protection of Personal Data related to the implementation, guidance and developments in this area (КЗЛД).

You have the right to request access to your personal data or its removal from the data bank by contacting Private Primary School and Private Secondary School “Classic” on classic@classicschool.org.

We use only the minimum personal data, which is absolutely necessary for the provision of the services you have requested through this site.

Access, transmission and sharing of personal data with third parties is permissible only when there is a valid legal need for that.

4. Protection of personal data

We store your personal data in a way which allows the identification of the person for a period not longer than required for the purpose for which the data has been provided.

In addition, we implement various security measures to reliably protect your personal information. We employ advanced encrypting, innovative user identification methods such as electronic signatures in agreement with the Law of E-documents and E-signature as well as effective protection of online transmitted information.

With the help of reliable systems and security technologies we ensure the protection of your data from being used or published by unauthorized parties.

Our computers/servers used for data (including personal identification information) storage and management are kept in a protected environment.

5. Opting out

We use the email you have provided to send you information related to the requested services, whenever applicable (E.g. e-administrative service such as exchange of e-documents with the Administration).

Whenever you decide to opt out of your registration and not to use the services provided through the site, you can do so from your profile, if applicable or to inform us about your decision on classic@classicschool.org.

6. Agreement

By using this site you agree with our Policy on Confidentiality.

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